Bill Belichick threw a challenge flag on a meaningless play and tried to catch it with hilarious disinterest

The New England Patriots might be up 35-7, but damn it, they’re going to play the game until the end. That includes challenging any questionable play.

After Eric Decker made this catch with 4:15 to go in the game, Belichick and the Patriots decided to challenge it, despite their 28-point lead. The play would be upheld, and the Titans would have their first down at the 34-yard line.

Josh Lambo later hit a field goal with 1:44 to go, putting the Jaguars up 45-35.

The game has been a fun one to watch. Roethlisberger had a much better performance compared to his last game against the Jags, when he threw five interceptions. This time around, Roethlisberger threw four touchdowns and just one interception.

The Jaguars, however, have just been too much. While it hasn’t been one of their better defensive games, they’ve managed to show up on offense, especially Leonard Fournette, who has three touchdowns and over 100 yards rushing.

Jay Ajayi, the NFL’s fourth-leading rusher last year (1,272 yards, a gaudy 4.9 per rush), is 24 and totally healthy. But trading him was Adam Gase saying to the locker room: You don’t work hard, you don’t have a place here. Gase wanted many of his players, Ajayi being one, to be more dedicated. Philadelphia got a bargain. Amazing to me that a running back with this much upside was fetched for a fourth-round draft choice, which will be approximately the 125th pick next April.

I’ve had a hip replacement.Vladimir Kramnik and Salov are regarded as expert practitioners of the Sicilian Sveshnikov , but Kasparov, Shirov, Leko and Khalifman have also enjoyed success.went up to the plate and missed three pitches a row – each of them by at least two feet.It made much sense, I thought, as long as you only apply it to players who take walks.

The Suns are now 5 against Western Conference opponents for a 16% winning percentage.As he progresses and matures, the game’s just going to continue to slow down for him.Although the Giants won five more this than they did 2015, they scored just 310 points, or 110 less than they did the previous .has the following 8 areas of expertise and 1 specialty.

Vikings fans joined Case Keenum in a thunderous skol Vikings chant that’ll give you goosebumps

Chuck Morris, a performance coach who works with Fitzpatrick in the offseason, disputes the terminology most people use to describe his protégé’s self-flagellation. “Hard on yourself is an emotion,” he says. “He strives for excellence, which is purposeful.”

Fitzpatrick plays every position in the secondary, sometimes switching from snap to snap. He has the cover skills of a cornerback but the instincts and range of a safety. This is the future, Saban says, as the game moves toward pass-heavy, open formations. “He’s the prototype” of a modern college DB, he says.

“I still don’t know what just happened, I really don’t,” he told ESPN’s Josina Anderson after the game.

He then followed it up with an all-time answer:

“All I can say is, give it to God. Because without him, nothing is possible and I wouldn’t be here so — damn that shit feel good!”

Diggs’ touchdown came when the Vikings had 10 seconds left, and no timeouts. Diggs caught the ball over Marcus Williams, and cruised to the end zone for the biggest play of his life:

How can you as columnist use your platform to continuously make it known your dismay for our current presidentCan’t that be considered a mainstream media lynch mob attack, instead of a social media attackOr can mainstream media also influence social mediaHowever, this failed coaching hire is deemed a social injustice by you because the people/alumni of The University of Tennessee didn’t want a coach who potentially could have known about this abuse. This is now to be considered a social media lynch mobAren’t you in fact guilty of the same accusations that you are publicizingI am fed up with the powerful left using every platform they can to push their agenda. I don’t want to see politics in my sports, and I surely don’t want to see them in my sports articles. I know you probably won’t read this and some intern will, but at least I got someone to read it. ?

Brady is the MVP. Wentz would have been an interesting challenger had he stayed healthy and lit it up down the stretch (he might have even been the frontrunner considering Brady’s shaky game in Miami). But at this point there are no other contenders, because to argue someone is a contender is to suggest that they could win. No such person exists. Some guys would be contenders had Tom Brady never been born. But he was, so they’re not.patriots_097_5c9725a903f879ae-180x180

NFL playoff schedule: Dates, times, TV information for 2018 postseason games

After a 12-sack season in 2017, Ostman will need to show athleticism to impress teams as a 3-4 outside linebacker convert.

After halftime at Arrowhead, though, he put together a string of good moments. They started with the own-touchdown pass, when he bought himself time, nearly crossed the line of scrimmage before throwing, then being alert enough not only to catch the batted pass by Darrelle Revis but to get to the pylon.

And this was all on the first drive of the second half, a 6 1/2-minute grind that planted a seed that even then didn’t seem like something that would blossom.

Craziest play I’ve seen,” Mularkey described the Mariota-to-Mariota score. I thought we had a pretty good drive. Life was back.

Alvin Kamara is taking pictures. Again. This time he’s in the Family and Friends room at the Superdome, about an hour after the Saints have beaten the Falcons. Employees line up beside teammates’ mothers and wives and children, waiting for autographs and pictures, next to the sign that reads “No Autographs or Pictures.” Soon Kamara is off, heading through the tunnels of the stadium and out onto the New Orleans streets. He is flanked by a crew of two dozen—childhood friends and family members who flew in for the game. No one he hasn’t known for years, since day one, before the fame and everything that came with it.

Kamara says he has never spoken with his father. He’s OK with that. The last time he saw him was in Atlanta last year, he says, and the two walked right past each other, dad not recognizing son. Before the Saints’ first game this season, Kamara found a Post-it note stuck in his mailbox. His dad had called the team’s front desk and asked them to pass along a message. Kamara took the sticky note, balled it up and threw it in the trash.

“I think it’s a hard balance for athletes,” Fitzpatrick’s father says. “They are kind of programmed to do things in order, almost to the point where you don’t get the chance to enjoy the moment because you’re already worried about the next moment, and the next, and the next. So you don’t get a chance to take that second to soak it in. But he’s learning to do that slowly, I guess.”

Melissa shoots him a look. “I think he’s way wrong,” she says. “I don’t think he’s learning to do that. I actually think it’s getting worse.”

No. 6 seed Atlanta is coming off a surprising 26-13 win against the Los Angeles Rams on the road at Memorial Coliseum in the Wild Card Round. The Falcons neutralized the Rams’ top-ranked scoring offense by defending the pass well. They’ll need another strong performance from their defensive backs against the Eagles, the NFC’s No. 1 seed.

The key to containing the Eagles offense is to make quarterback Nick Foles throw the ball more. Foles has struggled — throwing for 202 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions during the last two games of the regular season — after taking over for Carson Wentz, lost for the duration of the season due to tearing his ACL in Week 14.patriots_051_666bb1bf85488dae-180x180

NFL making 3 West Coast teams play London games in 2018

The NFL’s International Series rolls on in 2018 with another series of games taking place in London. On Thursday, the league announced its upcoming schedule, featuring the Jon Gruden-led Raiders, Carson Wentz and the Eagles, and the Seahawks.

The three games are heavy on West Coast teams. The Raiders, Chargers, and Seahawks, three of the six teams playing across the pond next season, will all have to travel the 10,000 miles or so to play those games. Teams coming from the West Coast to the East Coast already have a disadvantage, so tacking on a few more time zones won’t help.

The NFL playoffs continue on Sunday afternoon with the final two Wild Card Games. The Buffalo Bills will travel to Jacksonville to lock horns with the Jaguars in AFC action at 1:05 p.m. ET on CBS (live stream). Then there will be an NFC South showdown between the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints at 4:40 p.m. on Fox (live stream).

Philadelphia’s logic was clear, too, as Fultz represented a talented and dynamic third wheel to support Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. With a few seasons under their collective belt, the Sixers’ new-look “Big 3” would have just about every base covered: ball-handling, play-making, pure scoring, outside shooting, perimeter versatility, and interior defense. Unfortunately, a mysterious shoulder injury to Fultz has delayed those plans this fall. In light of Tatum’s strong start in Boston, a horde of second-guessers has already descended upon Sixers president Bryan Colangelo.

You’re probably thinking that I could’ve guessed it was food coloring that makes these buns blue. You’d be right. I had a hunch. But I had to cover my capital-J Journalistic bases, and honestly, I couldn’t be sure they didn’t accidentally dump an entire carton of Gatorade powder into the dough and just decide to roll with it. There was also a chance that this is what naturally happens to bread when your team hasn’t hosted a playoff game for 18 years.

My first thought upon hearing the decision was, Good idea. But do not tell me Geno Smith is starting. We’ve seen enough of Geno Smith. I want to see Davis Webb, the rookie gym rat from Cal, in all five of the games they’ve got left.

“Probably that one,” he said. “Well, I got one hit against [Luis] Severino, [ALCS] Game 6, down 3–2 in [the series] and I hit a two-run single.?.?.?. but then I hit a go-ahead home run in [World Series] Game 2.?.?.?. The single in the [ALCS] walk-off game, that was a good one, too.?.?.?. In [World Series] Game 7 when I hit a ground ball to first base for an RBI, I celebrated like I hit a home run. Wow.?.?.?.”patriots_014_5102f2966fdcbf9f-180x180

you’d like to have a general manager placed first before the head coach

It capped a strange day in East Rutherford. Out of all 32 NFL franchises, the likelihood that a horde of reporters would descend on this facility uninvited, especially on a day where no press was initially scheduled, was extraordinarily low. There were photographers waiting for the McAdoo getaway shot—a sight reminiscent of the Jets’ facility during some of Rex Ryan’s more turbulent seasons. When a formal press conference was set up, Mara spent roughly half of his time in front of cameras explaining the almost comical disconnect between himself and McAdoo over the benching of Eli Manning, a moment that Mara said had no impact on McAdoo’s firing.

He helped unite San celebration and gave the South Texas city a piece of its identity.It’s called ‘Operation Help.’ We want to help people more than once a month, that’s why we’re trying to raise money.He’s just a great away from the rink.The Giants were eager to retain him after their postseason run and the Red Sox saw him as their best solution to fill their hole at third base.

More than any other time his four years with the Raptors, guards Lowry and DeMar DeRozan looked for him off pick-and-rolls and the post.As Truthout has reported, while ETP and Slim have said the fracked gas is intended for Mexico, where furious gasolinazo protests and blockades over a 20 percent hike state-set fuel prices are heating up, the reality is that the gas would be shipped overseas to Japan, where officials are looking to shut down nuclear power plants and replace that energy supply with fracked gas after the Fukushima disaster.20 a 5 win over Wayne State his first start, posted a 22-save shutout on Nov.

Most of the familiar faces on the women’s side will be in PyeongChang as the U.S. looks for its first gold-medal finish since 1998, when the game was approved as an Olympic event. The rivalry between the United States and Canada is as strong as ever, and sure to provide plenty of highlights. Canada has had a stranglehold on the top of the Olympic podium since the Nagano Games: Coming into South Korea, the Canadians have taken the last four Olympic gold medals, including gold medal game wins over Team USA in 2002, 2010 and 2014. But the U.S. has similarly owned the World Championships in recent years, having met the Canadians in finals of every World Championship tournament since 1990, with Team USA winning the last four. As part of a lead-up to the 2018 Games, Canada went 5-1 in a set of friendly matchups with the U.S. But the Americans went undefeated in a title run at the Four Nations Cup in November, with two victories over their northern neighbors.

At 6 and 200-pounds, is a project to develop physically however he has a keen hockey IQ and plays a smart positional game which be key to combine as he continues to grow.He’s done a good job with spacing where he’s got good looks from the corner, Jazz coach Quin Snyder said.Those Coffey sisters and Sydney who combined for 33 points for Hopkins a 77 girls basketball victory over Hill- on Saturday are daughters of former Timberwolf and Gopher Richard Coffey.I definitely feel good about it.Chancellor’s holdout has now lasted into the regular and very well have played a significant hand the Seahawks -opening loss to NFC West rivals, the St.bears_083-223x223

With 100 Years of Hockey History Behind It, Seattle Vies for NHL Expansion Team

Rub it in, why don’t ya. The Sonics relocated less than a decade ago, so the wounds still feel fresh. Any basketball geek can be reasonably soothed by Sue Bird and the WNBA’s Storm, but bringing back the NBA represents something else entirely. That’s why Durkan dug up her old T-shirt, why she signed the ordinance transmitting the MOU with green pen, “because I believe in the Sonics.” Though how long might that take, whether by relocation or expansionLeiweke has deep NBA connections—he ran Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, the Raptors’ parent company, for more than two years—that include commissioner Adam Silver, but nothing appears on the immediate horizon. (At least not as soon as hockey.)

He’d been a top prospect , going 14th overall at the 2004 draft.The team’s offensive outburst helped ease the pain of the previous four-game winless slide at home.However, with that said, the Nets should listen to any and all offers for -, and other players for that matter.How good is historically well?The fallacy …

“I was happy to see the boys do it [last year] but, yeah, I was wishing I could be out there,” he told Q13 TV. “If you could write a storybook type of movie, that’s what you’d want. You’d want to be able to repeat, come back and play a part in that process—or play more of a part, I should say. That would be great if we could do it. … That definitely would be special.”

But I definitely do believe the combine helped me a ton.I think he is someone that moves well and throws the ball well on the run.For two Patriots to emerge as the greatest at their respective positions and having won five Super Bowls after the franchise’s days of obscurity among the bottom of the NFL laughingstock can only be summed up one word.Shields, who has been since shortly after he went on injured reserve October, watched the 44 loss to the Falcons at the Dome, where the Packers had no answer for , Jones and the rest of Atlanta’s high-powered offense.

Over $40 million is tied up core players such as Ovechkin, Braden Holtby, Nicklas Backstrom and Carlson beyond this .Offer high praise like Underwood.Nah, of course not – because those days would appear to be behind us.

I thought we had some pretty good shots and couldn’t make them.

There’s some irony in Kobe Bryant having two(!) of his jerseys retired on a night the Lakers play the Golden State Warriors. The second-half, post-Shaq stage of Bryant’s career will be remember largely for his brooding. Even during his late championship years, Bryant was so maniacally driven to what he perceived to be greatness that the joy in his game was often missing. Bryant’s commitment to winning made him callous, a complicated teammate and an unapologetic chucker. Basically, Bryant’s unstoppable drive made him the antithesis of everything expected from a winner in the modern NBA, particularly the uber-efficient, superstar-laden Warriors.

Bryant will largely be remembered as a winner—someone so committed to Being Like Mike, that if you squint hard enough, you can see how he alllllllllmost pulled it off. Five championships to Michael’s six. The undeniable similarities in their games. Their questionable reputations as teammates. Bryant was so possessed with imitating the greatest player of a previous generation that he never quite prepared himself for the next one.

It’s unfair to say Bryant, if his career started 10 years later, wouldn’t have been as effective in the current era of basketball. But it is also hard to imagine how Kobe would have fit in the three-point, fast-paced NBA. In Bryant’s last Finals game, for example, he shot 6-of-24 in a game that ended 83-79. You wouldn’t be shocked to see a halftime score with those numbers in a game between the Warriors and Cavaliers.

Puck is dumped Stars zone by J.T.He was head down trying to inflict damage.And it’s another thing when you buy to what you’re teaching them, and then they the result.

The veteran played 43 offensive plays the loss to the Cardinals the week before, when first went out, but was called upon to make his first start the NFL since 2014.It does however reinforce the belief that the Bengals want to use as more of a third-down scatback.I told him if the Phillies won a World Series he could be governor, Giles recounted a 1978 Daily News story.I believe the Jets have tools to work with at the position and that there is no reason to totally rework the group.

However, the Dodgers are trying to get under the luxury tax and weren’t willing to pay Verlander’s $28 million salary.PT on 3 17 through 9 a.m.Sami Vatanen moves puck Predators zone.

It takes about a week or so for the pain to subside, but with the Mavericks having only three more before the All-Star break, it’s possible he could elect to use that extra time for healing.Peralta’s 2016 campaign was cut short with a myriad of injuries, and the only good things about him before he went down were his ISO and his stolen bases.Ambassador John Bolton is 68.In ‘s defense, the team has lost six straight and went 4 .鈥-State is one of six Big 12 teams with multiple players, joining Baylor, Kansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas…chargers_106

Jaguars crash back to Earth, now have to figure out how to rise again

The Jaguars got good so fast, they looked as if they were going to dodge the usual growing pains, avoid the typical speed bumps.

No newcomer to success dodges them all, though. Even so, who thought the pains would strike in San Francisco — Jimmy Garoppolo or no Jimmy Garoppolo? Who saw the bump coming in the next-to-last game of a miraculous season, after the wins they’d just rattled off?

The Jaguars hit the wall hard, and hit it right after they had been handed the AFC South title after the Titans’ loss. They hit it a week after they had cold-cocked division rival Houston by 38 points, ending Tom Savage’s season in the process (in a round-about, concussion-protocol-violating way).

I wrote about some of breakout pitchers yesterday, and one that I write about part 2 of 2015 breakout pitchers articles is Twins right hander Pelfrey.Woodson, who earned AP Defensive Player of the Year honors 2009, played a similar role Dom Capers’ defense with the Green Bay Packers late his career when he switched to safety.signed a six-year contract extension through the 2014 with the Bengals on December 29.We see him — rather than rookie Artis-Payne — as the 2nd Panthers RB to own behind this year.If you would like to honor your loved one personally, you or the funeral home email the obituary along with a photo to and we post it time for the visitation funeral.

I happen to think that the patriots wide receivers are not as good as a group as the Atlanta Falcons wide outs are.Despite the perception that at least one part of his six-foot, 220-pound frame was always agony, fantasy football bulldozer, , has only missed two games over the past three seasons.He played basketball all day after school, on the hardcourts outside .That’s the second most league history, behind only Rice’s 23.The Colts former head coach Jim Caldwell on the visiting sideline this weekend.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and scores from your favorite teams anywhere and get customized notifications, special offers and much more For further information, please contact customer service at -4833 or write to Sports Illustrated Customer Service | Attention: Consumer Affairs | 3000 University Center Drive Tampa, FL 33612.Defensively, they’re still a 3 team, pass rush coming from the outside linebackers and Jurrell , plus occasional blitzes designed to break down the protections, probably with more zone behind that.The Cardinals had Boggs training camp, and he was line to make the 53- roster until an injury necessitated his release.But that didn’t happen, Gonzalez said.chargers_036

Andrei Altybarmakyan had the tying goal for Russia early in the third period.

The Hawks allow the seventh-most points (108 PPG), the most assists (25.5 APG) and the fourth-most 3-pointers (11.6 made per game) in the NBA. All of these factors fit perfectly into Booker’s wheelhouse – a player who is averaging 30 points, 5 assists and 3.7 made 3-pointers in his three games since returning from injury.

Fading LeBron is always a dangerous proposition, but on the front end of a back-to-back, with Isaiah Thomas making his season debut, and with a big-time nationally-televised game tomorrow night, this isn’t a spot in which I’m paying up for James.

To no one’s surprise, Wyoming QB Josh Allen didn’t live up to the best since Cam Newton hype this season. Don’t buy into the supporting-cast issue, which is overblown. Historically, his college production doesn’t bode well for his NFL future.

After five seasons as the Steelers offensive coordinator, Arians rejoined the Colts in 2012 as the offensive coordinator. He became the interim head coach after Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo treatment.

The U.S. took a 1-0 lead on Bellows’ power-play goal 2:18 into the game. Bellows celebrated the goal in front of a fan in the stands wearing his father’s old Minnesota North Stars jersey.

“I noticed after I saw it on the replay,” Bellows said. “That’s a pretty funny coincidence.”

Marsel Sholokhov tied it for Russia before Yamamoto put back the rebound of his own shot to make it 2-1 late in the first period.

Vladislav Sukhachyov made 39 saves.

A powerful drive blocker with impressive weight-room strength , Maiava struggled pass protection when placed at tackle, but looked better on tape at guard.At the trading deadline this , he dealt linebacker Jamie Collins, perhaps his best defensive player but too much of a freelancer.He led the team tackles each of his first two seasons and finished second last season despite being suspended the final four for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing substance policy.astros_038

Don’t expect a lot of playoff surprises even after topsy-turvy regular season

When Super Sunday arrives, and if my New England-Minnesota pick survives, the U.S. Bank Stadium crowd will be pro-Vikings but less so than usual due to the NFL’s Super Bowl ticket distribution policies, which will water down the number of Viking fans in the house.

The Bills are playing in their first playoff game since after the 1999 regular season. They’ve lost their last three road playoff games and have never lost four straight playoff games on the road.

The Saints might have let one get away in their own season finale, but they swept the Panthers, including an early-December win in the Superdome that bore similarities to the Panthers’ loss to the Falcons. The Saints also avenged a loss to the Falcons two weeks before in Atlanta with one at home in Week 16, which put the Falcons on the bubble and solidified their own division title hopes.

Newton, after being so much of his old self most of the season, suddenly became the least reliable link in the Panthers’ chain. That puts the Panthers’ stellar defense in the hot seat, needing to slow Ingram, Kamara, Thomas and triggerman Brees to give them a chance. That’s a tall order … too tall.

Functioning similarly to Tyrann Mathieu at LSU a few seasons ago, Fitzpatrick has earned national praise and respect not only for being a defender who can fill both the cornerback and safety roles at a high level on one of the country’s best defenses, but because he’s able to make a profound impact as a tackler, third down defender and as an intercepting defender.

I know Bucky Dent wore it and stuff like that, but it was more about that wanted me to have it.Their mission goal is to destroy a base where the enemies prepare a new weapon: a combat …Plumlee’s follow by not getting drafted at all.Gores’ comments echo similar sentiments aired publicly when Pistons center Andre Drummond was the same situation.The thing about a stress fracture is that you can’t you can’t definitively diagnose it until it heals completely.Ah, yes, the one you’ve been waiting for.The Series shifted back to Baltimore, but Pittsburgh had the lead.Hauschka is still money, eyes, Kearse said.lions_019